I have just started trying to get off of Cymbalta.I have been on 90mg for about 3 years. Im on my4th day now and already had to be taken to my family doctor for extreme headaches,breaking down crying for no reason,nausea,body pain,brain fog,dizziness,stomach cramps,buzzing in my ears,and the list goes on. I have had to take Benedryl just to get some sleep.Otherwise I sweat then get cold then I get hot and it goes back and forth all night long.That is unless I have the nightmares from Hell that scare me so much that I cant go back to sleep.Or I am so paranoid that someone is on the other side of my bedroom door wanting to break in while I am sleeping.Im scared to see what happens from this point on seeing how I am only down 30 mg and have 60mg to go. Im just wondering being on such a large dose and having as many problems as I am if I am going to be able to make it to the end Cymbalta free..Im sorry if this dont make sense but right now nothing is making any sense to me.Thank you for listening