Last year I have been off and on Cipralex- Escitalopram for minor depression anxiety which to some extent did remove my anxiety and Dep but completly ruiened my Libido. Then I discontinued Escitalopram with a hope to restore my libido. While my libido still didn't come back and I developed Fibro Mygalia along with same level of Dep and Anxiety as always.

I met doctor today and he has advised me some blood tests for thyriod etc and prescribed Cymbalta.

1. While I believe that cymbalta can remove my dep and anxiety and body pain , can it restore my lost libido? If not can I add wellbutrin to restore sexual side effects?

2. I am used to having couple of drinks about 2-3 times a week. Do I have to quit alcohol cumpulsarily? if not then what precautions I must take?