I'm allergic to red #40 (a common allergen) as well as yellow dyes #10 & #30. So first, is there a manufacturer that currently makes a 5 mg or 10 mg cyclobenzaprine (generic for Flexeril) product without those dyes? Then next, if it's made, what national chain pharmacies carry the product? I'll scrape off a colored coating if I can't get a dye-free pill. The reason I'm looking for this is because the last two makers of dye-free 10 mg imipramine (generic for Tofranil) suddenly quit making it. I've taken that for 20+ years to control my interstitial cystitis, migraines, IBS, food allergies, and fibromyalgia. Flexeril is a close chemical relative of Tofranil so I figure it may be a helpful substitute.