... since I was 14( can you imagine being a teen girl who just starts puking all the time? I can tell you my parents reaction wasn't what I'd thought it'd be!) I wasn't diagnosed until earlier this year now at 20 years old. Getting to this diagnosis wasn't easy either. My primary care doctor, insisted it was all in my head after failed attempts of finding out what was wrong. Even after getting an endoscopy. It wasn't until I was put in a position to find a new doctor after mine moved to another place of work. She knew exactly what was wrong with me, in the first visit without any tests. She suggested amitriptalyne, and the only dose that will rid me of the severe stomach pain is 75 mg, the doctor said that all tiredness and pretty much being in an absolute dead sleep would go away. Months later while taking it I still can't hear my one year old crying for me all night. I have to have someone in the house with me at all times if I want to make sure she's taken care of at night. It makes me feel like such a terrible mother. I was wondering what other medications help you and what are their side effects, good, bad? I can't live with my symptoms, and I also can't continue to ignore the fact that it's also taking a toll on my parenting. Help please?