I cut my finger on Sunday night and had to get three stiches. I was not given any antibiotics to take. I was not told really how to care for it when I left the er. I have been keeping it wrapped and covered because I don't want to hit it on nothing. It hurts, sometimes burns and when i changed the gauze tonight it was still bleeding. I made a follow up to get them out on Saturday. How do I know when it is healed to get them out the er told me seven days. Why does it burn sometimes throb and hurt when I am not even using it. I want to make sure it is completely healed needle I take them out. Should I be keeping ice on it? It is my right hand and that it my everyday hand. I type all day at work. It says to wash the stiches. I change the dressing ache put antibiotic ointment on it twice a day. When do I know the cut is healed and they are ready to come out. It looks good but wasn't bleeding till today. I cut it when the glass broke I it while I was washing dishes.So i should not be putting antibiotic cream on it at all. The instructions from the hospital say to apply medication to it and wash it twice a day but then say to keep it clean and dry so it contridicts itself. I keep my finger wrapped all day while i am at work. If i touch it then it hurts if i hit it on something then it hurts sometimes it burns. It has not started to itch however the hospital said that i should be able to get them out in seven days so i made an appointment with my doctor on saturday but i do not think they are ready to come out. I do not see a scab on it. I change the gauze that is covering it twice a day i use a non stick guaze pad to cover it, then wrap it with cotton type wrap and then put a ace wrap around it to keep the cotton wrap in place. I have to wear it like this at work. I am guessing that they will not be coming out on saturday and i will prob get other instructions then on what to do. They only put three stiches in but i think that they should have done more because it looks like it should be stiched more.