symptoms - hugh belly, rls, pain in back, pain in right should, hump in back of neck, confusion, memory loss, no concentration, neuropathy. diagnosed with diabetes in1991, thyroid in1991, high blood pressure in 1991.
In 1990 had a work related accident (getting mail and slipped on icey surface landing on hands). 2005 rear-ended, 2007 rear-ended again.
Current medications: Baby Aspirin, Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg. duloxetine hcl cymbal 60 mg. ciprale 20 mg, ferrous gluconate 300 (35)mg x2, furosemide 20mg x 2, elroxin .1 mg. pantoprazole 40mg, potassiumchloride 8 meq, ropinirole hcl 2mg x 8,rosuvastatin calcium 20mg, metformin hlc janume 50/1000 mg x 2, trazodone hcl 50 mg, valsartan sdz 160 mg x 2
mint-tramadol/acet 37.5/325mg every 4 hours, clonazepam 2mg as needed,
extra-strength Tylenol 500 mg. as needed for pain, pms-hydromorpone 2mg. as needed for pain. Nova-rapid insulin 90-100 units per day, Lantus 150 - 180 units per day.