First of all i suffer from fibromyalgia. I am currently on cymbalta 30 mg daily. I have been suffering from depression and was not able to sleep. The ambien with the rozarem seemed to work but i awake 3 hours later in severe pain and can't go back to sleep. He prescribed remeron 7.5 mg daily at night. It nocks me out but i can sleep for days. Nuvigil 150mg was also ordered to help with waking. The nuvigil does absolutely nothing and i feel drugged all day. I am hesitant to take the remeron again. I am chronically fatigued and in pain with no relief from motrin and tylenol. I think if my pain was treated and I just took the ambien with the rozarem as i was , i would feel much better and be more productive as a business owner with high demanding hours which can mean different shifts. What should i do? And why are doctors hesitant to treat pain, which we all know can cause depression? Please help!