I am 20 years old with a 8 month old daughter . I suffer from ptsd, anxiety , manic depression,DID, and insomnia . I applied for ssi almost 6 months ago. I suffer from amnesia , and went there at first for adhd because i wasn't even sure why life had always been difficult . I have never held down a job longer than three months and I'm financially in the negative. Luckily i have a man, father of my girl, that stands strong beside me. But he is unable to work because he is becoming depressed. And i know its my fault . He has to emotionally push me everyday. My daughter is the reason i keep going, but no possible way i could even attempt to try to work again. I have a huge fear of people. I'm scared i won't become approved because believe it or not, i cannot talk about my problems face to face to many because i mess up so much. I have moved states , to ky, during my healing time, and last week went to a mental status exaim. Anyone have suggestions?