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How to cure eye pain due to computer screen?

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Rajive Goel 8 May 2012

The best would be to consult an eye specialist who would be able to recommend the right eye drops so as to protect/cure your eyes due to the use of the computer screen.

I use sterilized Rose water to soothe tired eyes, take care, best wishes!

kaismama 8 May 2012

Make it a habit to look away from the screen frequently and focus on something else. I wear glasses that have glare proof lenses. Adjust the screen's brightness. I had a problem with them at work because of the over head lights, do you deal with that too?

Inactive 8 May 2012

Hello amit99. I use visine. It helps and I pop an aspirin to go along. Best wishes and many eye pain free days to follow, pledge

They sell a protective cover to attach to your screen I believe at Walmart possibly Staples. Most are anti glare and help a lot especially if you WORK on the internet. Good luck.

balbanese 8 May 2012

Well, you may need classes, you may need to adjust the height and/or angle of the screen, you may need to adjust the brightness and color, you may need an eye exam. Hope this helps.

balbanese 8 May 2012

that's "glasses" not "classes." Spell-check missed it.

DemoninDC 12 May 2012

You should talk to your optometrist or ophthalmologist about getting a pair of glasses specifically for the reading distance to your computer. I did this and it solved my eye pain and occasional headaches. You also need to take a 10 minute break every hour from looking at the screen. free discount card

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