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How to cure asthma completely,please suggest best way to cure asthma,esnopillia problem?

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Inactive 19 May 2012

As far as I know there is no cure for asthma. I also have allergy related asthma, & take theopollyine ER 200mg twice a day. Some use inhalers, I can't do to milk protein allergies. They also can use breathing type machines. To my knowledge there is no cure...

baburajan 21 May 2012

my two friends have same problem but they are cured now.,they take homeopathic treatment for one year.,they are completely alright now...

Inactive 21 May 2012

Are they cured or just not having problems at this time? If they are cured, thn maybe you should try what they did... Mary (and please share their experience)

baburajan 21 May 2012

ya they having same problem.,but now they are completly cured .,homeopathic treatment cure dis disease completly

endlessPred 24 May 2012

Children can out grow the symptoms. But as I recall, one major pneumonia or bronchitis and things flare up again. It would be great if there was a full cure. However, anything that reduces symptoms would be good to know.

Inactive 24 May 2012

Some asthma can be brought on by allergies. If you ave milk protein allergies do not use inhalers. It can actually do the reverse & close the airways & cause death. Been there, done that. There are oral meds that you can take to control & help asthma. I personally take theopollyine ER, 200mg twice a day. I still have shortness of breath, but not as bad as it was... Mary

endlessPred 20 May 2012

Although there is no cure, it is important to get medications to reduce symptoms. It can be deadly.

It does help to keep a very clean home, no pets, dust free, frequent laundering of sheets, removing rugs if possible, air filtration.

Keep an inhaler handy for quick attacks. I am sure you know all of this. Sorry that there is not more. And please do not believe Internet ads that there is a cure. they are untrue. free discount card

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