I am 41 years old an Hr professional female ,single and virgin.I never had been suffred from high Blood Pressure.The normal rating of Blood pressure had been between 120/80 to 90/70.
three weeks back i had fever and took 6 tablets twice per day of ARINIC combination of Ibuprofen. after that I had headaches and found that my blood pressure shoot upto 150/100 , with front and back chest pain and pain ,numbness of left arm till leg and ECG was a normal but had aslight fluction from the ower end. This happended two weeks back from now.Still i have slight pain shooters on left side as well as blackouts at times followed by short breathness,fatigued and gaining weight.My height is 5'5.5 weight shall be 62 kgs which was 75 but within two weeks it is 80 kgs.Am very upset am i gonna die soon ??? I am done with blood tests CBC,LFT etc in July'2012 which were normal. people around me in office say get married u will be relived of many symptoms.
Am very upset due to this whole situation ,jooined back office but still feel too low i.e feeling weak.Besides this i have back problem whic i had due to an accident in 2006 due to which the legaments were ruptured but cured with physiotherapy,but still i cannot bend properly as well as cant take longer walks as it put strain on my back.often i have constipation problem too.
Please advice me am very upset.