I use a special calendar on my phone that tracks my periods for me. I started taking this pill on the first, I had unprotected sex on the 11th. So I had been on the pill for over a week and my doctor told me it will be active after a week. So everything was normal. I had my period on the first when I started the pill and it ended the 5th, it was a very nice easy period and that was the whole point to me getting on this specific birth control (to help my period flow) Now Let me get to the point which I am wondering if its possible that I could have gotten pregnant? The day my calendar states that I should start my period would be on the 23rd and this calendar has never been wrong for me if anything I would start one day earlier and I have been tracking my period through this for months. Anyways it is the 25th, the end of the night, and my period still hasn't come. It is about 3 days late now. I had mild cramping a few days ago and my boobs have been very sensitive and I figured that was due to me starting my period. My boobs are pretty sore still, no cramps, and yet still no period. I am worried that I could be pregnant but I'm not sure if its even possible since I am on the pill? I would appreciate any feed back. Thank you.