... taking cryselle?I am currently on the 3 month plan of cryselle 28. (as in I take 3 packs continually, skipping the placebo pills for the first 2 months and then getting my period at the end of the third month). This is the third month and I just had my period. The problem is that I began taking my next pack before the week in which I take the placebo pills ended. I continued to HEAVILY bleed for 6 days. The day after my period ended, the condom broke while my boyfriend was finishing. It has only been about 14 hours since this happened and I want to make sure I am taking all the precautions to avoid pregnancy. I take cryselle exactly as directed and I have been on it for several months. I am not quite sure what to do or if the likelihood of pregnancy is still great enough even on cryselle that I should purchase plan b? Or is cryselle, more specifically cryselle in my situation, Still effective enough to continue as usual without purchasing an emergency contraceptive?