To begin with I already have a counselor. So far I've only been on Prozac (medicine). I feel severely depressed... almost dangerously depressed. I could go to sleep and wouldn't care to see tomorrow. And, no, I'm not suicidal, nor have I ever been suicidal. It seems like I've always been depressed. In elementary school, I was bullied into depression by 5th grade. Then middle school came, and not only was I bullied at school , but I was bullied at home as well. Though my parents are divorced, they are both still in contact with one another. I live with my grandmother. My mom has legal custody of me, though. She's verbally abusive towards almost everyone, but she says the most unholy things to me. She's called me a mistake, told me she doesn't care about me, she's even told me I'm going to hell. I'm probably one of the most innocent 16 year olds in America..all I do is go to school. Ive never done anything bad enough to deserve severe bullying at home and at school. I can't deal anymore. Its because of her loud, verbally abusive self that I have anxiety as bad as I do. I can't function. I never forget all the terrible things that she said to me. They replay over and over again in my head throughout the day. Not a day goes by that I don't cry, if its not me feeling sorry for myself, then its me thinking about how much better my life could potentially be.

I'm new to the site and I don't really know how things work but I feel really helpless and lonely so if anyone could talk to me that'd be great..I don't know..

pS I'm on my phone so sorry in advance for any grammatical errors