... were pain management doctors. I was living in Calif at the time. I finally went to one in 1986. They tried a bunch of things. Many I could not use because I was working and I needed to be functional for work. We finally found that 8 10/325 Norco both eased the pain to a level I could function normally and not interfere with my work. During this time I was also diagnosed with needing both his and knees replaced. Due to various insurance and other circumstances I am still working on getting those done. I was on those until 2008 after I moved to New York. During that time they monitored me to ensure there were no signs of dependency or abuse. Then there was a Dr. Mehta who was apparently overprescribing hydrocodone and he was busted and Doctors started going into cover my butt mode and pulled my prescription. The have been trying other things and currently I am on Opana 15 ER 2 times a day. They do take a minimal edge off but don't come close to actually relieving the pain. My Pain Management Dr says they are stronger than the Norco and said if I don't like it I need to find a new Doctor. I have 2 problems. My first is that I think it is wrong to pull a medicine that works without having a viable alternative. The second is that it seems that if the Opana is stronger I should not be hurting as much as I do. It seems to Me that maybe my body chemistry reacts better to nrco than Opana or something. I honestly don't think it is a narcotic dependency or I would want the more powerful drug. To be honest I don't care if the answer is narcotic or not. I just want to be able to go bowling with my kids again or take a walk with my wife. I have come to the conclusion that Pain Management Doctors should be made to have a major trauma before getting their license so they actually know what it is to feel this kind of pain and how badly it affects your life. I kno this was long and I apologize. But, Really hope there is a solution since it seems since Dr. Mehta all NY pain management docs are afraid to prescribe what actually seems to help me