I have a heart condition that requires a transplant to fix. I am not a candidate for a transplant because of Hep C . I did not respond to a year of chemo, so I would not be able to take the anti imune drugs required after a transplant. I also suffer from cronic arthirc pain in my hands wrist and shoulders. For the last two and a half years my doctor has treated this woith pain meds. First Vicoden and now Norco. Because of a conflict between him and myself over a request for a toxicoloy test, he has denied my refill for my pain meds. i'm not a recreational drug user, never have been and can't afford to pay for unnecessary test. It's all I can do to make ends meet as it is. At this point it wouldnt matter if I took the test or not because he's not going to trust the results anyway. So he choses to provide what I consider to be punitive medical practices by potentally putting me into withdrawls. With my heart condition as it is, I'm not sure I would even be albe to survive and withdrawls. My option now it seems would be a trip to the emergency room when withdrawl symptoms begin, the cost of which will be astronomical. My question is am I making this bigger than it really is? Should I be this concerned about being able to survive withdrawls? My condition is such that I can walk about 20 yards before I must stop, set down and catch my breath. Does this consitute malpractice on his part? I feel his actions or lack of are severly compromising my well being, not to speak of the unnecessary pain and suffering this will cause. The Doctor is on vacation till the 2nd of December.