... diagnosed with Crohns about two years ago and have tried pretty much every medication. Most recently I was on Humira. To make this portion of the story short I basicly was kicked out of my GI doctors office until I paid my entire balance with them off. When I first began going there I did not have insurance and ran up quite the bill. So in the middle of the treatment I didn't have a doctor monitoring me. I was receiving the Humira through there program that provided the medication to me in the mail. So even though I didn't have a GI doctor I was still getting the Humira. Well after about 6 months I developed a couple of red blood blisters, and called their office and was told they highly doubted it was a side affect from the Humira and I should continue using it. So I stayed on it and developed a couple more of these blisters and decided to stop taking the Humira. Since I stopped taking it I have not developed any new blisters and the old ones are slowly going away. Its been about six months since I stopped. The main issue is that I have begining to have flair ups again and starting to feel very sick again. The nearest GI doctor is 2 and 1/2 hours from here, which causes multiple problems. I just am looking for any suggestions on what people think I should do. I'm willing to pretty much try anything at this point. It has caused me major energy problems as well as depression issues, and I am in pain every day. Thank you so much for any ideas. Brian