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Crohn's Disease -- Maintenance - Has anyone used Mercaptopurine for Chrohn's maintenance?

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Marvell 18 Oct 2009

Please try the forum. Someone there may be able to shed some light.

timhohs 23 Oct 2009

Nope. I have been prescribed mesalamine, with colestipol to control the diarrhea that could be associated with my dosage of mesalamine.

davis&cooper 13 Sep 2010

My son ha sbeen on this drug for a year now, he has had no reactions to it and it's a lot cheeper than the asacol!!!

momthegreat 25 Oct 2010

Yes. I have been using it for years, in conjunction with Pentasa. I have occasionally had to have prednisone to get a flare-up under control, too. My daughter uses only 6- MP, since having a bad reaction to Pentasa. We had pancreatitis when we took Asacol; this works better for us. Be aware of side effects though- do your research. Becoming a runner has helped me stay off prednisone, and avoid flare-ups. The endorphins heal the gut, my doctor said. Get exercise into your routine too! You might be able to use less drugs.

Jennifer Sheene 8 Jun 2011

What kind of reaction did you have? I am having problems being outside in the sun amd getting hot. I get really sick. And vomitting everyday. Should i talk to my Doctor about my problem? free discount card

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