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Crohn's Disease - Maintenance - Does anyone have Any skin issues Related to thei Crohn's?

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mittykitty 12 Sep 2015

Yes of course. I wouldn't say my skin issues are related to Crohn's, per say, but to the autoimmune issues we face and that also affects Crohn's disease. I get rashes and have mild dermatitis on a few areas of my body. It'll get worse when my Crohn's flares, and was much, much worse when I was younger and the disease was a lot less controlled. I've chalked it up to just another immune-related something I have to deal with along with this disease.

suzy059 14 Nov 2015

I've been lucky. 40 years of crowns and no skin manifestation till a couple yrs ago. Now there's a sore on my leg that's the most painfulL and hing I've ever had. And it won't heal. That's because of 40 yrs of prednisone. If u don't mind my asking, what sort of skin things r u showing? free discount card

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