I've been taking my medication but have still been experiencing the symptoms. It's frustrating to the point that I've given up on the medication and only taken it when I want to. I'm taking mercaptopurine, dexicol, caltrate, iron, and have recently been taking prednisone as well. (Excuse me if they the names of the medication are written incorrectly) I have taken prednisone before and it has helped my symptoms, but I know it is not a permanent solution to my problem. The pain is horrible and waking up at night to reach the bathroom is a pain itself. I live in hopes for remission, but I wish a way to achieve it sooner because it is interfering in my studies and daily activities. My gastroenterologist is considering other forms of medication for me. What I ask from you is to simply recommend some sort of diet or something that could help me control my condition in the meanwhile (especially the pain) until my gastroenterologist decides to give me some sort of medication. Please, if you have any recommendations, help me. I am fairly new to this condition and have been diagnosed 9 months ago. Thank you.