... swelling of the abdomen which comes and goes but is more on than off now? I don't know if the medicine, the swelling or the diease also causing the severe pain just under the spleen and which raidates to the back or it is my illness? I know that Cortisone induces weight gain and swelling of the face both of which I have but the swelling of the stomach to a 9 month pregrant state is this also a sympton? I was on 40mg a day for several months and am have been on 15mg for the past 5 months and am having difficulties reducing the dose as my inflammation levels are still too high to reduce the dosage. I have just read that pancreatis is a side effect whcih causes upper stomach pain but mine doesn't seem severe enough as I understand that this is agony and though I am in pain it is usually manageable though tender to the touch