i switched dr reason being my old one retired. im on xanax i have one refill left i take a small amount 1 mg in the morning .5 at night. i have had panic attacks since i was little, cant breath, heart racing bla... bla... bla... woopty woo... i even ended up in the hospital a few time from it. anyways i go to my new dr and he tells me he will take up where my dr left off with my scripts... he gives me my suboxone been clean for 1 month today... but wont write me my xanax i told him all the above and he looked at me and said give me a tissue so sad very sarcastically i dont abuse my xanax or any thing i been on them for 3 yrs and have really bad effect when im off of it for long periods of time..then have said i need god in my life god fixes every thing and gave me 5 bible verses one saying look to god and he will give you strengths im like wtf a bible wont keep me out a hospital.any ways my scrips running low any one have any advice on what to tell him to get my meds or just look for a new dr. am i wrong and he is right i need to get off xanax with my problem or is he just crazy