My husband is on Xyrem and has been for 8 years. It has definately improved his sleep but has some very concerning side effects which I think are from his overdosing.
When he first started he was instructed to take his first dose around 10pm and having not eaten anything since 8pm. Then take 2 more doses through the night 2-3 hours in between doses. His doses have increased through the years.
Now he takes it on a full stomach (late night eater), takes his first dose around 11-12 and still takes 2 more doses and gets up at 6:30am. Sometimes I think he takes the doses to close together. He moans and and toss/turn, completely out of it and has no idea what is going on. There is no way this is good sleep. If you are not taking the first dose till midnight there is no possible way to take 2 more doses and get up at 6:30am. For those taking this drug for a length of time is this normal?