Im kind of starting to worry because i started having lower abdominal cramping 4 days ago and i still have them .. its been on and off , but mostly ON... someone suggested it might be my period but i just had my period ( first day of my Per. was July 17th) & it was gone by the 22/23rd is the 4th of august and i have had these cramps since the 1st of august ... i also have some what lower back pain and while at work yesterday i got really really dizzy... im not due for my period untill the 14th so i dont know if its pregnancy or not ..i heard you arent suppose to test so early ... but i did anyways..being curious..i took one yesterday ( aug3rd) at NIGHT time ..which i know is really stupid bc i had just pee'd 2 time right before that..& its always best to take in the morning... of course it came back negative.but im stil not sure..what does it sound like? anybody go through this as well? a neg. test and lower abdominal cramps but ended up being pregnant??