I got my first shot on Depo May 30th and I had been bleeding from the day of the first shot until July 6th. After getting tired of the bleeding I talked to my doctor, which she prescribed me chewable birth control pills (Norethind/Ethinyl EST FE CHW) after 2 days of taking these pills the bleeding stopped. I had unprotected sex July 26th but he didn't cum into me, he was a little late into pulling out but i'm 75% sure he didn't cum into me, maybe a little. Since then I've been okay, no worries or anything or any possibility of being pregnant until i started the placebo pills in the birth control pack. I thought during this time I would start bleeding but I didn't. No bleeding what so ever. I reached the end of the placebos and haven't gotten my new pack of pills because i'm unable to reach my doctor. Since ending the birth control pills I haven't started back bleeding like I was when I wasn't taking the birth control and now I'm having heavy white discharge that has an odor, uterus cramps and the entrance to my vagina is a little sore, keeping in mind that when I was just on the depo i suffered from vaginal dryness and when i got in the pills it cured the dryness and now after stopping the pills it seems as though it has came back. I'm scared of the chance of being pregnant. Even though I am on the depo shot and i was on estrogen birth control pills and he did pull out, am i worried for nothing or are these side effects from stopping the birth control pills and still being on the depo? I'm not due for my next shot of depo until the end of this month ?