I have an inoperable chronic pain condition for which I had been taking Vicodin 7.5mg. 4 times daily and had been prescribed by the Spine Center I was going to. They were not successfully treating my pain and so referred me to a pain management physician (who is in the same multi-physician facility I've been going to for the last 5 years, since moving to my state). I like this new pain physician very much. He added MS Contin 15mg. twice daily, advising me to take the Vicodin as needed for breakthrough pain. Backstory: 6 months prior my PC had prescribed Xanax 1mg. tablets for sleep, advising I could take one to one and a half milligrams each night, and it has been working wonderfully. As I said, all my doctors belong to the same multi-specialty facility. They ALL have access to ALL my records and medications. Because this new pain management doctor added the MS Contin I decided to go off the Xanax, which was on my records and the pain doctor knew I was taking it. But since the dose had been so low, I thought it would be okay to stop. (I NOW know... I know... I should have asked him if that would be okay, but I didn't want to be taking so many "controlled" substances if I didn't need to, I only had one Xanax tablet left at that time anyway and I didn't want to ask him for a refill thinking I would just stop taking it. No more. No less). So now I'm on the MS Contin and Vicodin regimen (I take no more than 1 Vicodin a day, in halves, if needed) everyday starting 5 days ago. Everything was going fine for the first 4 days. No symptoms of withdrawal whatsoever until yesterday afternoon around 3:00. Now I am experiencing muscle tremors and spasms, but other than that nothing more. I have no anxiety, this is not painful, I am not panicky; those are the ONLY symptoms I have. It even took me awhile to figure out that this was a Xanax withdrawal. My question is: can I expect it to get worse than this, or will this just get better by itself over time? These symptoms have lasted for about 36 hours at this point, and I am NOT in any way uncomfortable except for the spasms and tremors which are pretty much just an annoyance. Thanks in advance for any help.
(This was narrated with only a quick proof so please forgive any typos.)