... (almost 3 months) and I'm on 90mg. I'm not getting the response I want in terms of depression yet as I still find it hard to have interest in conversation and other activities. However, it's been pretty useful in terms of energy and helping my ocd. I'm not sure where to go from here since going up to 120 was too much for me. Can I add something to this or do I need to switch medications? I know some people add Wellbutrin or an anti-psychotic, but the thought of adding an anti-psychotic kind of scares me. I see my psychiatrist next week, but this in-between time is the worst! It's like nothing can be done between the time one decides something needs to be changed medically and the time one actually sees a doctor; it's almost like waiting on your life lol. Does anyone have any experience with taking Cymbalta in combination with other medications for depression, generalized anxiety, and ocd?

Also, I tried Lexapro for 3 months before, and although that improved my depression more than Cymbalta, it didn't help my ocd, and this was only in combination with Sam-e. By itself, it too wasn't as useful as it needed to be.