... of my period as instructed to do, I decided to take it the same day I got it because I had just had my 3rd daughter and didn't want to get pregnant again. But once I started taking it, my cycle started and continued for about 3 weeks. My "normal" cycle lasts about 5-6 days. During that 3 weeks I stopped after my "normal" cycle and started another the next day. After realizing it was because of beyaz I quit taking it and finally stopped after a day or so. Now a couple months later I have decided to try it again, only this time to follow the directions of my doctor. This is day 1 of my period and I have already taken the first pill. I was wondering how likely would it be that it will shorten my period this time? I have bad cramps with my cycle and would love to shorten the length of time i have to put up with it. I use to be on yaz and loved it. I could control my period but then again that was before I had my first child back in '08. Could I still get the same results?