I have a hx of DVT/PE, and check my coumadin levels weekly at home. They have been more non theraputic than normal. (2-3) is my normal ranges. But for some reason, they want to drop drastically or go up. 3 weeks ago I had 3 episodes of bad epitaxis and had to call the peramedics and taken to the ER. My 02 had dropped to 86% and they put on oxygen when they came to my home. Then it started again the next day and lasted at least 30 mins. My levels at that time were normal! I eat according to the foods allowed yet it still is changing constantly. My Coumadin Nurse says my metabolism is not working with the Coumadin, therefore I have to check it each week. It can go from 3.7 to 1.6 in a week. My hair has started falling out in the last month and never has before taking this. I have been on since January 2011. I am not taking any other meds that would interfer with it. Also have bad Intercranial Arterie Plaque in my brain but normal Cholesterol levels?? Has anyone experienced this as well. I have been told I will be on it the rest of my lfe and I know the side effects of this drug for long term use also. Any suggestions?? mydogrudy7