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Can coumadin cause vascular dementia?

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Chyk41 11 Apr 2012

Coumadin is a blood thinner and would not be the cause of vascular dementia. If anything it would help slow the progress.

DemoninDC 11 Apr 2012

Coumadin does not cause damage to your arteries. The typical causes are: Stroke (infarction) blocking a brain artery or if you have multiple "mini" strokes (TIA's) or regular strokes they are called multi-infarct dementia; the other way is narrowed or chronically damaged brain blood vessels. This narrowing or chronical damage is caused by wear and tear associated with aging; high blood pressure; hardening of the arteries; diabetes; lupus erythematosus; brain hemorrhage; and temporal arteritis. The way that these causes come about are: increased age, history of heart attack, strokes or mini strokes, Atherosclerosis, high cholesterol (elevated LDL), high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, and atrial fibrillation. Hope this helps. free discount card

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