... till now and will try it again. I have been on warfarin since 11/2008 and take 15mg and 12 1/2mg alternately each day. A friend of mine asked me an interesting question the other day, and I realized I "don't know the answer", and this bothers me. Here is the question, If some catastrophic occurrence should befall me, and I could no longer get a supply of warfarin thru normal channels, what combination of plant, mineral, or other natural substance might possibly be employed to substitute for the patent medication? I thought about garlic, fish oil, cranberry, and others but cannot be sure of the truth about these alternatives. Since the 6 "P"s of success (proper preparation prevents piss poor performance) demands I find out as much as I can about this subject, (even if nothing happens), I am asking everyone I can find to assist me in this quest. Anyone got the answer?