I take 7.5mg of warfarin daily, my target INR is 2.5... last week I home tested and got a 7.9 reading... it took three test strips before I could get enough blood out to test in the time allowed. I then went to the local hospital to have it retested. It took the nurse three sticks before she could get enough, because it was so thick, she made the statement, your INR is more like a .7. However the lab result was a 8.3! This has happened before when it was in the 6 range. I have noticed that when my INR is below 2, that I have a hard time getting the test site to quit bleeding, and I bruise like crazy. I know that this it the complete opposite of the way it should work. I mentioned it to two doctors, and pretty much got blown off. Does anyone know what can cause this or what tests to ask for. I go into A-fib a lot, due to 30 tears with severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and I really don't care to have another stroke.