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Could yeast infection interfer with ur chances of having children if u have them constantly?

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Inactive 27 Sep 2011

Hey Silly Milly, if you are having them constantly, then why is what you really want to know, why are you having them constantly. Yeast won't permanently cause sterility or really interfere unless you had one so bad at the time you were trying to get pregnant, that massive inflammation set it, then it might. I noticed that you have asked a few questions about anti yeast meds, and I saw where you asked about fluconazole first, that is the oral pill that almost always knocks them out, then the miconazole question, and I wondered if the dr had done a culture on you, as you may actually have BV ( bacterial vaginosis) and the symptoms are really close to being the same, and you will have to have antibiotic cream or metrogel for that, but you still might want to ask for some fluconazole as the medicine is strong and it does tend to cause a yeast infection right after the treatment. If you have diabetes, you might have trouble getting rid of one and if you are on birth control pills or other antibiotics, it could cause a recurrent yeast. If you have not seen a dr or a nurse practitioner, do so, as BV is a true infection and yes, it could make some trouble later down the line if you try to get pregnant, and you don't treat it. There are 7 different bacteria and protozoans, that cause the BV, some of them are transmittable to your partner, such as trichomoanas, that is the protozoan form of it. Hope you get some relief soon, I feel for ya, and I actually am going to say a prayer cuz that has got to be miserable if you can't clear it up.

Inactive 27 Sep 2011

Good answer Patti, I will add that you may have given the yeast to your partner to, & he should be treated also, or you are re-infecting each other. To make sure it is yeast, your doctor should be checking it under a microscope before treating it... free discount card

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