I have taken Lamictal for about 5 years now. I have stopped and started a few times always following the recomended titration.
My highest dose I have ever taken was 400mg once daily.
I am currently working my way back up to a higher dose. Just this past week i went up to 200 mg once daily. I have been dealing with a few minor issues and I am wondering if they could be from the lamictal. Back in febuary I got Bronchitis. I have never had that before. I havent been able to kick the cough and here it is may and im still coughing sometimes to the point where I think I am goin to vomit. I also started getting that itchy crawly feeling like what you get when you take a narcotic pain medication. Could this be from the Lamictal? I have never had side effects from it before. Lamictal and Vit D are my only medications I currently am taking. Thank you for and help you may be able to give me. I dont want to bug my dr if I dont have to.