You would think with as much as a surgeon charges that could take 2 minutes to explain a report to you, don't you think! :o)

I tried to edit my profile so that you can see my history but I guess I'm too new to the site?

I'm a 38 yr old female with 8 children ages 3-21. I'm 3 most post op a triple laminectomy which failed and left me with more pain than before surgery. The pain is in the left buttocks and all the way down the left leg.

I would appreciate any help with my EMG results from someone with a little knowledge reading them...

SUMMARY: The routine sensory nerve conduction studies appear normal except Left spfc peroneal.

1) The routine motor nerve conduction demonstrate mild abnormalities (mainly reduced amplitude).

2.) The needle EMG examination of muscles innervated by L4-S1, mainly Left L5 myotome (Peron Longus, TA, EHL, TFL, paraspinal) reveals "neurogenic findings" (fibrillations, positive sharp waves, emlarged motor unit potentials, reduced number of motor units at maximal effort).

CONCLUSION: The electrical findings are suggestive of Left L5-S1 polyradiculopathy, maily Left L5.

I wish they would put test results in English! :o)

I've posted a few questions recently about pain mangement mostly. My pain meds just don't seem to work and I don't understand because I myself even looked them up and they say they are strong narcotics??? I think my doctor thinks I'm a drug seeker! I hate being treated like I'm just a big baby and I don't need the medicines! One visit my PM doctor is so awesome and caring and says she will find something to help because she understands my need to put a second surgery off until after Christmas and then the next visit 2 weeks later tells me if this new medicine don't work she better just take me off everything because my body is probably just used to them but I've been on narcotics for only 2 months!

I feel for all chronic pain suffers... if I knew this would last for a year, several years or the rest of my life I don't know what I'd do! I envy all of you that have uplifting posts when you suffer as you do!!!