I am only 45 (though with all my physical and mental problems tell me different) I have lost most of my sexual drive. I know it can be a side effect of the medications but could it also be that my last husband of 6 years ago was physically and mentally abusive. Don't everyone say oh my gosh at the same time: 6 years?LOL No seriously even though this is the only man I can say I have ever truly loved was also the same man that was physically and verbally abusive. This hurt and it hurt deep. I kept praying and hoping he would change but it never did. I stayed with him because he would continuously threaten to kill me and my daughter. And don't think the police will help you when you make that call for help because they won't. Or didn't in my situation. It is written in stone with them: Well it is a two-sided situation we can't take any action. WELL, CAN'T COUNT HOW MANY POLICE OFFICERS PUT THEIR HEADS DOWN WHEN THEY SEE ME!!! (Read on) After I finally got the nerve to get him to leave I would do anything I thought I might have to for the protection of me and my daughter. He haunted me and my daughter for a year afterwards. He finally started seeing another girl. He is in prison now for shooting his last girlfriend (she is ok). Now you see why I say the police drop their heads at me, this girl could have been killed. But back to the main issue, I have not dated anyone since then and have lost my desire to try and meet anyone. I know the medications I am on have a side-effect of loss of sexual drive, but I still wonder if it was my past. Thanks for any info