i have been addicted to Norcos and vicodin for 6yrs now after a knee surgery and major problems with my husband but on may 15 2011 I decided I was done and kaiser helped me quit with suboxone, clonodine, and some muscle relaxer and stomach meds..I was clean for almost a month and relapse after a car accident i had in the freeway, well lets not blame anything i relapse because i wanted to. I relapsed for 3months so Monday last week I decided I couldn't do this anymore, my husband lost his job so off course we lost the insurance so this time I had to do it on my own..Monday was my first day and 7days later boom I took 2 around 12am because I was so tired of not been able to sleep for the restless leg/arm syndrome after I took those 2 I took more well that day I took 3 more times so there I go again, how can I be so so so stupid I was already on day 7 by now I would have been so so much better Im 100% sure I would have completely detoxed by now and the pain and misery would have been long gone by now... I was and still am so @#$%^&* mad at my self... I hate my self and I hate how weak I am with this evil pill... So I have decided I am going to start again tomorrow and write everything i go thru here and hope I can have some support from u guys... i will write step by step hr by hr what i go thru hopefully this time is for good... i graduated college last year and i haven't found a job i had blame the economy but deep inside i know is for my addiction... i have two beautiful kids my 12 yr old princess anD my 6yr old litle man and i have to do this for them.. PLEASE HELP ME THRU THIS