I have been on Synthroid since 1985 (varying amounts) successfully controlling my hypothyroidism. I am now on .88 mcg. I developed Diabetes 2 in 1998 and have been on Metformin, 500 Mg. twice a day, ever since. I am also taking Gemfibrozil, 600 Mg. twice a day, which is making me a poster child for lipids at age 79. I take one 325 mg. aspirin for osteoarthritis. I walk at least a mile, usually 3 miles a day, even if my bones(and bunion!) hurt. I take the Synthroid at 3:00 a.m because I awaken then and it there is no problem with other meds. I drink plenty of water with all meds as directed, and follow food and empty stomach directions carefully.
Four months ago, a bone density test showed some osteopaenia in my right hip. My OBGYN, with the approval of my endocrinologist, put me on 35 mg. of Fosamax, once a wee as prevention. I use as directed and at first everything was fine.
About two weeks ago, I started awakening with bad leg cramps, expecially in my left leg. I have also awakened with stomach aches that keep me awake. Both hips and thighs have developed increased pain and stiffness.
The PAD tests show moderate blockage in my left leg, but the rest of my body is fine, including the carotid test. I do not have to take B/P med when I get enough sleep and control bone and joint pain. My last tests with my endocrinologist (in June) were good, including the TSH. Is it possible that the Fosamax (the last med I started) is causing a problem? Or is it the Synthroid which has been needed less and less as I age?
I am also on Vit. D, 50,000 IU ever week (dr. prescribed), and 2400 of fish oil and 2400 calcium (both dr. prescribed). Maybe the Fosamax had increased absorption here and I am getting too much?
I use calcium with magnesium to control constipation. I use Cosamin daily because I know it helps the bones .
I use a daily multi vitamin, plus a B12 tab. and 100 mg. of pantothenic acid which I have found replaces an antihistamine for me if take regularly. I have told my docs about these.
I want my night's sleep back. Getting up and walking a little helps, but I sleep another few hours and wakd up with the cramps again. Bad ones!
Please help.