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Could Gabatril be used in the treatment of Depression, or any other mental illness?

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Psyched 23 Jan 2010

Actually, Gabatril is sometimes prescribed for patients experiencing generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). However, it should only be taken for GAD if your doctor prescribes it because Gabatril has been known to cause increased anxiety in some people. Hope this helps.

Psychmajor 24 Jan 2010

yep, can be used for anxiety, depression has been found to be effected by drugs which act on the GABA neurotransmiter so possibly but i dont think you will find many docs to prescribe this over an antidepressant. (also pretty much anything which can treat anxiety and depression can also CAUSE anxiety and depression, just depends on the person... which is why you want a doc for any meds you take)

missy2 24 Jan 2010

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