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Could Endometriosis have been misdiagnosed as pmdd?

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K_marie 29 May 2011

Yes absolutely. Mine was misdiagnosed as PCOS, cysts, IBS,etc.

Adrein26 30 May 2011

Thanks, for the info. I was diagnosed with pmdd when I was 15,
I also had an ovarian cyst rupture, and bleed a lot .They put me on birth control and said it would help with the cysts and pmdd. I had tried several different pills and the depo provera shot, and it seems that my body is in tolerable to birth control methods. Which is a sign of endometriosis if I am correct.My older sister has it so there is a good chance I have it. She was diagnosed with catomenial pneumothorax (sp) caused by her endometriosis .

K_marie 7 Jun 2011

That's interesting. No one in my family has it, but I do. No ones had ant pelvic problems, but I do.

I've never heard of endo not responding to birth control treatments. Usually when it doesn't help it's a good sign it's not endo, at least that's just what I've heard.

Good luck I hope they get it figured out soon. free discount card

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