Could anyone give me some advice or relate their experience on a gerd related problem? I have got a call into a gastro doctor's office, have never seen one before. I have GERD and am having pressure and discomfort in the esophagus and throat. It almost feels like something coming up and there is no regurgitation but this symtoms is driving me crazy. It was intermittent for a few weeks and now is daily. I do have a call into get an appointment, was told by a gastro nurse at another clinic that it might be due to a stricture. Has anyone else had this, did you have to have endoscopic dialation. Are there any medications besides omeperazole for a stricture. I do realize it has to be checked, just wanted to see what some of you might think. I have done most of the things listed to treat gerd and it isn't getting better. I don't have insurance and this is why I let it go so long. My room mate has to have the endoscopic dialation done periodically but he is mentally challenged and can't really tell me alot. I take care of him when he has to go to the hospital to get this done. I know they knock him our briefly and perform this procedure and he is fine for a while. Any thoughts from my friend's on Pattishan61