Ok so i have really bad anxiety when its triggered by things that i fear. Bad weather, interstate, etc. I have moderate anxiety i suppose daily that causes my brain to obsess and worry about things. For example, scared to death someone will hurt my daughter or anything else that "could happen". I was also having terrible vivid nightmares that would play out everything i was afraid of. Cymbalta has helped the nightmares and co stant worry. Not so much with the triggered anxiety. So im wondering if its worth all the side affects im having. Here are my symptoms.

Possible side affects from cymbalta

Coughing and choking spells some through the day and a lot all through the night
Weird feeling in arms and legs
Dry mouth
Can't orgasm
Vaginal dryness
Sleepy during the day and can't sleep at night
Sweat at night
Tired all the time unless I am doing something I really enjoy but get worn out quickly.
Still can't stand to be on the Interstate and Xanax only helps take the edge off a little.i have taken nerve pills that work a lot better for triggered anxiety. Xanax also makes me feel hungover the next day which which stinks because it didn't really help in the first place.

Really affecting my marriage and Intimacy with my husband.

Helped my anxiety but it isnt completely gone
Helped my nightmares
Some improvement during PMS weeks

Can anyone else offer advice on maybe a different drug?