My Mother of 84years, is taking Perindopril for hypertention for the last 5 years. But she started with a cough and it is going on for the last 3months allready and the doctors keep on giving her antibiotics, they are giving her for the last 2 weeks now such strong dose, 1000gr in the morning and 1000gr in the evenings !!! But she still cough !! ??
I know that you can get allergic sudden even if you are taking some meds for years. My husband got side effects of his blood pressure tables after he took it for 10 years, he got sores on his legs and it looked terrible,and healed after he left it.
That is why I have wondered if this is not the same with her. Looks like she doesnt believe it, but I think she is very scared to change her high blood pressure tablets because she struggled for a long time to get the right tablet that worked for her.
She also take Carvedilol and diureticts