... a cold at Christmas - and just like that the horrible cough was back. Doc gave me the usual codeine cough syrup. It was only working for 24 minutes then cough was back. I tripled the amount cough syrup (not following rules I know - but again desperate)- and the cough goes away for almost a whole day. Going to see ENT next Tuesday. Would he prescribe me Codiene pill (rather than the syrup cause it has so many sugars) Or would he just see me as a drug seeker? Which I am not. I don't get tired or "high" from it. I'm just sooooo desperate for some relief of the constantly itchy chest and throat. And I have tried EVERYTHING!!! I mean everything. I was almost crying I was so happy to be free from coughing for a long stretch of time. I'm just wondering if that would be bizarre to ask my ENT for a stronger codeine mix. Not for forever. Just till the cough is calmed down again to what it was like before my Christmas. Because I don't have it in me to wait another 2 years for it to get better on its own. Would the doc find the request for stronger codeine crazy? I just need relief and can't take the itchy cough anymore. It has made any social life nonexistent. And my life consists now of either coughing or trying not to cough. How can I not want to be on a med that for now seems like a miracle drug?