I was diagnosed with costo in late February after walking pneumonia. Along with the sternal/rib pain on the front, I get mid back pain. Had a chest xray to diagnose the pneumonia--clear other than that. The coughing has long since resolved. However, the back pain and, to a lesser extent, the sternal/rib pain on the front still is present though it varies in degree of pain. We did a follow up chest CT scan after 2 months of lingering pain... and increasing anxiety... which was clear. I tried the chiro but stopped that about a month ago after it didn't seem to be helping. I can feel discomfort anywhere from mid-back (rt side only) to rib/sternum joint (rt side only), right ribs, right side of neck. My doctor said to check back in 2-3 weeks. Any suggestions what to do next? I'm making myself sick with worry thinking something grander is wrong with me. Thanks in advance