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What is the cost for a month of exalgo 8 scrip?

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DzooBaby 24 Jan 2013

There are many variables when buying medications. Different pharmacies get different prices on drugs depending on the quantities they buy and who the wholesaler is. There isnt really a flat price like you would think. Cost will also depend on how many pills you buy. In many cases, the more you buy, the cheaper it is per pill. The best thing for you to do is call around to different pharmacies and ask for a price quote. Tell them the name of the drug, the strength of the drug, and how many were prescribed and they should be able to give you a cash price. Since this is a controlled drug, however, you may find that some pharmacies may balk at giving you a price over the phone because they worry about getting robbed. Years ago, pharmacies had no problems giving you a price quote over the phone but anymore, they have become more cautious. Some may still not have a problem with it and others may not want to tell you but you can at least try. Walmart is often one of the cheapest because of Walmarts buying power but it is not always the cheapest. Remember, too, that you can use Sams Club and Costco pharmacies without having a club membership. You just tell them at the door that you are there for the pharmacy only and they will let you in without a membership card. (you do need a card if you plan to buy anything other then prescription medications though)

zazou 16 Oct 2014

Now available in generic, but still very pricey at
$377-$477 for 30 days. :-( free discount card

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