I take 60mg per day and since I have taken it from India I am noticing that the depression is worse. Cymbalta for me is 250.00 per month from Wal mart and I am currently not working but one day per week. There is no way that I can afford that but I do not feel like I can go off of my medicine. The other thing that I have noticed since taking it from India is that I sleep very sound at night which is great but still does not feel like it is working with the depression. Please help me get Cymbalta from the states where is seemed to work much better in fighting depression. I am 55 years old and am raising my 10 year old granddaughter I do not have time to be depressed. Please help me and email me back or feel free to call me. 804-980-1164 my name is Susan Schroeder and I am thanking you in advance for your help.
Susan L Schroeder