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Cosentyx - Has anyone started this drug for psa? How long did it take to get relief?

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Inactive 30 Apr 2016

I have had severe plaque psoriasis for over 30 years and nothing has helped. Some drugs like Stelara cleared about 50% but then remainder at that level.
My dermatologist recommended I try Cosentyx and so got approval and started the loading dose. Week 1 was no obvious change, week 2 I thought it was different but didn't believe. Week 3 I texted my Dr and was so excited as the plaque had all gone. The red patches underneath were turning pink. I have just had my 2nd monthly injection and have no plaque and no redness.
There are side effects that I am currently weighing up, diareoagh (sorry about me spelling) - sore throat - headaches - thought my blood pressure was off but I can actually feel lik my heart is beating too fast - breathlessness. But no plaque after 2 months - hope this helps you out.

Donna Varady 11 Nov 2016

Hi, I started feeling softer skin as soon as the first week (areas likes my thighs) my knees hurt just a little bit less and my ring that has been stuck on my hand a year felt a little bit looser. I has started to believe it was time to cut it off.~. I got the rash but every med gives me that so no surprise, I lost a lot of weight I found eating small, snack like portions and keeping the food bland helps and in a pinch broth helps you feel full, for some reason I'm so hungry but food just doesn't sit right once it crosses my lips and I feel full after just a few bites. My eyes burn and tear up which is much better on this medication Enbrel, humira both made me feel like I had been in a sand storm.
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