Every time I go on corticosteroids (Medrol / Z-pack, steroid injection, even just Flonase [for under a week!]), my hormones decide to go out of control. Like, full-on grow-a-ZZ-Top beard, have-a-27-day-period type of out-of-control. This could be on high-dose Medrol packs, 3 days of Flonase, or a single epidural injection; it truly doesn't matter, steroids just screw over everything related to hormones for the sheer pleasure of it, it seems like.

I described this to my doctor (the guy currently in charge of poking needles into my spine) and he just stared at me and went, "From a single injection? You're sure... Well, THAT shouldn't be happening. Up for another steroid epidural?"

I had an epidural steroid injection yesterday (my first steroids in four months), and I just had to shave off a mustache that rivalled my 25-year-old brother's after he hasn't shaved for 2 days. I'm a 22-yr-old female who generally doesn't have a problem with lip hair.

Does anyone else find that corticosteroids interfere with their hornones?