I am 52 years old and have never experienced anxiety like this until now. Is there possibly a connection between the two? My GP has prescribed Paxil 10mg for 3 months to help 'see' me through this period. I am on Day 1. This all began with my irrational reactions to health symptoms (i.e. vertigo, sinusitis, general headaches) which I escalated into something more than just normal body symptoms and this went unchecked for about 2 months which led to my heightened state of anxiety. I have had my physicals and all checked out well. Unfortunately, the anxiety symptoms have not subsided. I hesitate to take Advil or Tylenol so you can imagine my apprehension to Paxil. I've read numerous comments & feedback from the support group and it has helped me put things in perspective. I am checking to see if there are other post-menopausal women who may be going through something similar.